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check update here https://www.reddit.com/r/LambdaSchoolReview/

Information for former, current, and prospective students of Lambda School

Over the last eighteen months, I have witnessed unethical and predatory behavior by Lambda School as both a student and as an employee. Lambda School is a remote career school primarily focused on technology. This school regularly deletes posts on Reddit and has employed massive amounts of false advertising. Because of their behavior, hundreds of students are crying out and complaining. Their experiences mirror my own, and I have been attempting to release this information to the public for the last nine months. The sad reality is these students cannot be warned because Lambda regularly has students create a false narrative on public media outlets. In order to let the truth be found, I created this website in the hopes people may find it when they conduct their own research. This site will allow the true voices of current and past students be heard. I promise to publish regular reporting, public media reporting, and other informative information which Lambda will not be able to silence. I hope future prospective students will see this content and be able to make an informed decision before signing a contract and joining this school. Please note, I do work two jobs and have a family, so this site is pretty basic; however, I promise to update this site requgary and answer emails at exposelambdalies@gmail.com.

*** Updates

-Lambda no longer has a TL Program; instead every student is forced to be unpaid mentors. 

-Assignments are no longer graded. The entire course is now completely self-assessed. 

-The Training Kit(TK) is removed. You can no longer go and view the TK to work ahead. Now, you also do not have access to all the other Lambda tracks.

-Curriculum has been shortened from ten months to six months.

For any new updates: Please email exposelambdalies@gmail.com